Why purchase a commercial copier over a consumer dept. store unit?
Reliability, Efficiency, Features, Peace of Mind.
Why does a commercial copier/printer acquisitions cost more than the consumer unit?
Commercial copier/printers are actually less costly to operate because the supplies are much more efficient with regards to cost vs. yield.
Why is it important to purchase or lease a commercial unit vs. a consumer model?
Most consumer models come with an exchange type warranty that the end user finds inconvenient as they can be without a machine for some time until a replacement unit arrives vs. onsite emergency service that we offer.
Why is it important to store docs. Electronically vs. traditional filling?
Because you are at risk of fire, misfiling and non-efficient method compared to electronic filing.
Beside a threat of fire why should we consider electronic filing?
Most business lose a large amount of files due to misfiling and it also is very time consuming to search old files, in a lot of cases loss of revenue may result if important docs cannot be found with Doc. Management Software these issue are resolved.
Why not just have copies pre-printed for marketing purposes?
Because it’s usually a high minimum of printing required by offsite printers that can be more costly and once printed cannot be changed vs. print as you need by having your own device.
What is best to buy a copier/printer or Lease one?
Copier/Printers devaluate and get surpassed at a fast rate and don’t have virtually any resale value. Leasing is most common about 80% of business elect leasing and trade the machines in after 3 to 5 years old for a new one with all the latest in innovation and efficiency.
How long do copier/printers last?
Depends on the amount of volume printed but a general range is 3 to 5 years more than that and they become unreliable and technology surpasses them.
Is it better to have a separate copier-printer-fax-scanner or all in one?
Most successful businesses consolidate onto a multifunction device that can do all functions efficiently.
If we only have one device then if it breaks down we are dead in the water with no printer, fax, scanner or copier?
This is very very rare as most of the time service may be needed but not to the extent that all functions are disabled and in most cases we can provide either emergency service and or a loaner.
If our color volume is low should we buy or lease color or is a monochrome unit ok and we can always print color on our ink jet printer we bought at a dept. store?
Studies have shown that color printing has a much higher retention rate and is more conducive to overall appearance and getting the important info. to the reader.
Color copier/printers are much more expensive than monochrome and the color toners are too?
Most color copier/printers are not much more than the same monochrome version and print at less than $0.10 cents per page in comparison your typical color inkjet printer prints at about $0.40 cents per page with respect to the cost of the color ink jet cartridges, eventually buying or leasing a color copier /printer will be less than buying the color ink for the ink jet printers as we offer full maint. agreements that include the color toners.