Printer Management Program

Customer Challenges

  • Budgeting is difficult as toner cartridges vary in price and no telling when the printers will need them and sometimes they can run out when the user has the most need to print or funds are tied up with overstocking of toners
  • Time wasted by end users having to order toner cartridges and accounts payable having to pay multiple orders
  • Printers are generally not maintained because without a service agreement plan in place users hesitate to call for service until printers are down and this can create loss of productivity and shorten the life of the printers
  • Users are dependant on a vendors response time to come out and service the printer and since there is no service plan they are not a priority or in some cases printers are taken in for repair and user is without printer until repaired
  • Users have no true monthly cost when purchasing toner as needed can vary and sometimes create budgeting difficulties

Our Solution

  • Most organization’s print volume is consistent so users enjoy getting one bill per month that usually does not vary by much and they have piece of mind that what they pay will cover all their printing needs from toner to service
  • The Printer Management Plan will reduce costs to the user compared to paying for supplies and service with an as needed approach
  • Users no longer have to take the time to place orders and inventory control of toner cartridges as our software will automatically alert us via email when the printers are low on supplies and they will be shipped to user at no charge for the toner or the shipping
  • Free maintenance and repair of all printers in the program including parts and emergency on site same day service on down machines
  • No need to acquire print counts as our software will automatically upload the usage and invoices generated accurately on a monthly basis


LabradorA Plus will provide at no cost to user software that will monitor multifunction devices and email our service dept. and supplies dept. when machine requires toners, drums or service. The end user will no longer have to report trouble calls and toner replacement conditions as well as meter count retrieval for accuracy in service agreement billing.

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