Is Leasing Best for Me?

GET A QUOTE FOR A COPIER/PRINTER LEASE NOW Fact is, 8 out of 10 businesses use leasing to acquire their equipment. The two biggest reasons are affordability and technological obsolescence. Here are 10 other reasons why copier leasing works for you: 1. Low Monthly Cost Pay as you use the equipment, not all at once. 2. Tax Benefits Deduct monthly payments as Operating expense. 3. Upgrades & Add-ons Ability to make changes if business needs change. 4. 100% Cost Coverage Cover all incidental costs. 5. Conservation of Capital Spend cash on other items such as advertising, inventory or personnel need to grow business. 6. Supplies & Maintenance Makes budgeting equipment easier over the term when everything is bundled. 7. Fixed Payments Payments are locked in to avoid risk of inflation. 8. Preserves Credit Doesn’t tie up lines of credit. 9. Flexible Payments Structure payment plans that work for cash flow needs. 10. Flexible Lease End Options Options are available-upgrade, return, or purchase.   Get a free quote for leasing printers or copiers today by calling 559.442.3564.