• 3-5 Year Life Expectancy – The average “reliable” life expectancy of copiers/printers is 3-5 years.  Although they may last longer the risk of a major breakdown is greatly increased.  The copiers/printers can come to a halt if they go out.
  • Parts become scarce – When copiers/printers surpass the 7-year age parts become scarce as manufacturers are only required to make parts for 7 years from the discontinued date of production.  This increases downtime and while some parts may still be available, you likely will not be able to use your machine until the part is ordered and received.  
  • Costs Increase – Most Copiers/Printers Service dealers raise the Service Agreement cost as they age their liability to maintain the copiers/printers is increases along with our costs of parts and supplies.


  • Savings  -New equipment is much more reliable as technology advances in the last 5 years have increased the reliability
  • Efficiency – Because toner/drums and other consumable items are much more efficient the cost of maintenance to dealers is much lower and the savings is passed onto our users in most cases. We can provide an alternative solution on a lease payment for about the same cost of just maintaining the old equipment so a newer more efficient copier/printer without much if any increases on the end user’s current monthly costs.
  • Features – Technology has revolutionized the copier industry there are so many features available that can increase an office’s productivity and allow them to be more Professional with regards to their Document Output speed and efficiency, Quality and others features.

Trade your old printer/copier in and put the amount toward a new machine by calling 559-442-3564.